The Inspiration

The Dandi Day community, educational tools, and insights were designed with product creators to support your journey and empower you to create a more beautiful people and planet within the Beauty Industry. Whether you identify as an entrepreneur, brand, research and development lab, contract manufacturer, or any other product facing organization, we have you covered. We curate the community experience for you with our conscious ingredient manufacturers and our collaborative partners.

Save time, save money, and gain targeted knowledge that supports your mission using ingredients to create products you feel good about and have vetted partners and their expertise to shorten your development timeline and increase product sales.

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Exclusive Access To Our Curated Community Experience

Being a member of our tribe is rewarding. In addition to collaborative partner coaching and Dandi Day networking events, you will be able to make a positive impact on communities & our planet via the support of our Dandi Day non-profit partners. Additional benefits include:

Educational Insights

  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Trends
  • Trends

Innovation &
Formulation Development

  • Conscious Ingredient Storylines
  • Product Prototypes
  • Claims

Research &

  • Formulation Support
  • Alternatives to Controversial Ingredients
  • Conscious Formulations Downloads