The Dandi Way

Dandi Day bridges ingredient companies doing good for the planet and
brands that have the reach to create change, one person at a time through:

Ingredient Storytelling:

Every ingredient has a story; an origin, how and why it came to be. We bring that story to life and help preserve it from source to how it lives in everyday products.

Thought Leadership:

We curate conversations with beauty industry experts and authorities to provide perspective on industry dynamics driving trends, categories, and their impact on ingredient choice.

B2B Influence:

We bring together industry’s most influential voices in product creation to collaborate and co-create content such as articles, whitepapers, surveys, research, case studies, presentations, educational events, prototypes, and one-on-one meetings.

Why Dandi Day? Top Five Things You Should Know



LA is the global hub for innovations, Indie Brands and new ideas. It has a unique ecosystem of collaborative culture you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


Clean Ingredient & Formulation Expert

With almost 20 years of experience in the Industry and 12 years focused on developing formulations and educating the Industry on alternatives to controversial ingredients, Hayley has been foundational in the Clean Beauty Movement.


Creative Growth Strategist

Discovery and delivery of relevant, actionable, and previously unrealized realities about industry provide a framework to launch and drive unique sales and marketing strategies.


Community Builder

Dandi Day promotes bringing companies and people together to be the solution for one another through introductions, events, resources, and other creative ways to support one another.


Conscious Leader

We advocate to align body, mind, and motivation for intentional and actionable business decisions and product design to make a positive impact on people and the planet.

Community Profile

  • Ingredient Manufacturers: Ingredient manufacturers with patented processes and ingredients that fit our criteria of conscious beauty – Environmentally friendly · Renewable Safe • Socially impactful · Sustainable
  • Technology Platforms: Software and programming development companies that streamline product creation and reduce barriers for speed to market, such as ingredient transparency, ingredient sourcing, and trends.
  • Industry Influencers: Industry experts that heavily influence consumers’ standards for product creation such as regulatory, product development, formulations, and marketing. 
  • Service Providers: Companies that serve and support brands throughout their journey from ideation to market success for various needs – product and brand, finance and operations, and sales and marketing.
  • Entrepreneurs & Brands: Through our community and exclusive information, Dandi Day reduces the barrier for successful market entry and reformulations to meet the demands of consumers and our planet.
  • Non-Profits: Support of non-profits that serve the well-being of the global beauty community by building awareness, education, and connection points to join their work in making a difference.
  • Professional Development and Resources: Companies and resources that allow for learning opportunities and growth as a leader and individual.

Our Process

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Meet CEO & Founder Hayley Hoffman

“My vision is to create a conscious community within the Beauty Industry for the well-being of people and planet, one day at a time.”