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Burkina Faso Benefits:

• Schools for child education

• Women gain independence by working and earning

• Affordable basic health care

• Reclaimed desert land transformed into sustainable green area

Benefits and Formulation Applications:

• A functional oil, rich in essential fatty acids that condition and moisturize.

• Used in cosmetics, skincare, and hair care from 1% – 20% in formulation.

Dandi Day Endorses Desert Date Oil

As an ingredient expert with a deep understanding of supply chain, I seek out ingredients that provide the opportunity to contribute to change through conscious and intentional design. Incorporating 1% or more of the desert date oil in product, empowers change for a more sustainable future. Purpose-driven brands can capture this beautiful story and benefits, creating an easy opportunity for everyone to contribute to positive change.

View the gallery of how the Desert Date Oil is harvested, processed, and used to build a community.